Ben Shapiro Partnerships: Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group and Ben Shapiro have collaborated to educate Americans about the importance of diversifying their savings, especially retirement accounts, with actual gold and silver since 2016.

Ben Shapiro, renowned author, editor of The Daily Wire, and host of the Ben Shapiro Show has given his seal of approval to Birch Gold Group. With assistance from Ben Shapiro, who is well-known in national politics.

Ben Shapiro is a frequent guest and contributor on Fox News, PragerU (from Dennis Prager), and CNN. He also frequently tours the country to address audiences, including at colleges.

Birch Gold has a long history of assisting Americans in protecting their retirement assets with real gold and silver. Anyone who holds an old retirement account, such as an IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or TSP, can move their funds into a Self-Directed IRA that is backed by actual precious metals. The entire process is managed by Birch Gold Group for its clients, making it extremely easy for them.

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Ben Shapiro Interviews with Birch Gold Group

In his most recent interview on the Ben Shapiro Program in March 2022, Phillip Patrick, a Precious Metals Expert from Birch Gold Group, discussed the global reserve status of the US dollar. Governments throughout the world are discovering that their currencies are an unexpected political risk following Russia’s financial sanctions. If Washington is able to eliminate Russia, they can also terminate any country that doesn’t comply with their policies or objectives. Full interview below

Why Should You Invest In Gold Right Now??

Gold’s value tends to alter inversely with that of the dollar and its assets, such as equities, bonds, and mutual funds. As a result, including a portion of retirement savings in a precious metal like gold has the potential to protect its long-term value no matter what happens to the dollar.

Even in the face of a stock market crash or another major economic downturn, gold’s long track record demonstrates its ability to endure. Its value generally goes up when other assets are crumbling.

Diversification from just “paper” assets – If a big crisis occurs and your retirement funds are solely invested in paper assets like the dollar, you can expect your portfolio to lose value rapidly. Diversifying into tangible assets such as gold, which have real value and applications beyond investment–ranging from electronics to dentistry–reduces the danger that your savings will be destroyed.

Cyber attacks – With hackers launching assaults from across the world and attempting to undermine major financial institutions’ security systems, a large number of paper assets–which now have electronic entry points–may quickly be stolen or even entirely disappear. A tangible asset like gold, which is kept somewhere tangible, is more difficult to steal and hide than an intangible one like currency.

Indestructible against geopolitical uncertainty – Gold has the ability to persevere because its market is driven by fundamental factors, no matter what happens with global markets and currencies. Demand for gold may slow down price growth, but owing to the numerous consistent uses and inherent worth, it is relatively secure from bad news resulting from the geopolitical conflict.

You’ve worked hard all your life, and you’re ready to retire. But you don’t want to blow your savings on a bad investment. 

It’s important to start planning for retirement now, but it’s also tricky to know where to put your money. Will you be able to live comfortably in retirement? How can you make sure your money lasts as long as you do? 

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