Birch Gold Group Announces Partnership with Dr. Ron Paul

Birch Gold Group is pleased to announce that Dr. Ron Paul, a long-time advocate of sound money and common sense economics, has teamed up with Birch Gold Group to educate Americans on gold investment as a solution to safeguard their savings from debasement and inflation. For decades, Ron Paul has spoken out in support of a strong currency and basic economic ideas.

Who is Ron Paul?

Dr. Ron Paul is a medical doctor, a US Air Force vet, a former Congressman, an author, and an educator. He has authored 21 books over the years, including the best-selling titles End the Fed and Gold: Peace and Prosperity.

Ron Paul refers to himself as a Libertarian in public. Libertarians are pro-liberty, anti-big government, and supportive of civil liberties and equal rights. They are for non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism through free markets, and restricting the size and scope of the state. Their message can most appropriately be characterized as “classical liberalism,” as it was expressed by such thinkers as Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Milton Friedman.

During the previous decade, Ron Paul has put his efforts into educating Americans on the ideals and values of freedom and liberty.

Now that he is no longer active in politics, Ron Paul has shifted his focus to investing. He is a strong advocate of gold as a safe haven asset and has been investing in it for many years.

Why is Ron Paul so adamant about gold?

Dr. Ron Paul explains very clearly in his classic 1982 book The Case for Gold how our current monetary system is failing in his famous passage on gold (which begins, “If we are not inflating, officials will be unable to create money out of thin air and steal it from us without anyone knowing about it”).

When governments have the authority to purchase their own debt, they almost always end up doing so, eventually destroying the currency’s value.

He penned those words in 1982, four decades before the World Order Changed: Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order

When the central bank is forced to choose between enabling genuine interest rates (i.e., the rate of interest minus the rate of inflation) to rise at the expense of the economy (and the irritation of most people) or preventing real interest rates from rising by printing money and purchasing cash and debt securities, it will select option two.

Both of them concur: unbacked currencies, such as the US dollar, inevitably fail. For four decades, Ron Paul has been warning Americans about the dangers of an unbacked currency, ever since he realized it.

He recently revealed to Birch Gold Group that the perniciousness of inflation was one of his main reasons for entering politics, and he went into further detail in an interview with The Birch Gold Group.

Inflation is the worst tax you can endure! You believe you know exactly what you have if you believe you have a million dollars. Inflation, on the other hand, is eroding your purchasing power every day. That million dollars will not be able to buy as much later. Here’s the thing: If half of your savings were taken by the federal government, or all of our bank accounts were instantly emptied, people would go insane. They’d be furious and mobs would riot in the streets. What they don’t realize is that inflation is to blame for this.

Why is now a good time to keep your money safe and start using your buying power to invest in precious metals? 

Ron Paul has been informing Americans about the dangers of an unbacked currency, as did he in an interview with Birch Gold Group. In a conversation with Birch Gold Group, he described how inflation is evil!

Ron Paul has been a huge advocate for getting rid of the Federal Reserve, as it continues to destroy the purchasing power of our currency.

He also went on to say that gold and silver are true money, and have been used as such for thousands of years. They hold their value because people perceive them to be valuable, unlike paper money which can be created out of thin air. Ron Paul is a big supporter of investing in gold and silver, as a way to protect your wealth from inflation.

Start investing in gold and silver?

There are many ways to get started in investing in gold and silver. Ron Paul recommends doing your research and finding a reputable dealer that you can trust.

With the exciting news about Ron Paul partnering with Birch Gold Group, they can now assist you in diversifying your savings and adding an asset with a 5,000-year track record of wealth creation to your portfolio.

This method may be considerably easier than you imagine, and by moving your existing IRA or 401(k) savings into a real, physical gold IRA, you can safeguard your family’s financial future.

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