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With over a 15 + years of expertise assisting customers in protecting their retirement funds, Goldco is first class in the precious metals business. If you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings or similar tax-advantaged retirement account, a Goldco Specialist can assist you in safeguarding those assets with a Precious Metals IRA.

Key  Features:

  • Specializes in gold IRAs and silver IRAs
  • Goldco is a leader in the precious metals
  • Account Minimum: $20,000
  • Full-service precious metals broker





Customer Care

Goldco Company Review

Are you tired of the stock market rollercoaster? Are you sick of hearing about the latest tech IPO that everyone but you seems to be profiting from? Well, fear not my friend, for there is a shiny alternative in town: gold.

Yes, gold may seem like an outdated relic of times past, but it's actually a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. And if you're considering investing in precious metals, then Goldco might just be the right choice for you.

Goldco was established more than a decade ago and has since built a strong reputation as a trusted resource for individuals seeking to invest in gold and other valuable metals. Before we delve into the details of Goldco's offerings, let's pause for a moment to explore the reasons why investing in precious metals can be advantageous.

With economic uncertainty always looming on the horizon, having a diversified portfolio that includes tangible assets like gold can provide stability and security during turbulent times. So let's explore how Goldco can help you achieve your investment goals with their range of products and services.

Key Takeaways

- Goldco offers a range of precious metal investment options, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, to help investors diversify and protect their wealth.

- Their fees are competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs, and they place a high value on customer service and support.

- Goldco consistently ranks as one of the top precious metal IRA providers in the industry, with their investment performance historically outperforming other options during times of economic uncertainty.

- Funding and storage options are flexible and secure, and selling precious metals back to Goldco is a hassle-free process with several payment options available. However, potential cons include higher fees compared to other investment options and a potential underperformance of gold and silver in strong economic conditions.

Trust factor: If you are looking for a reliable gold and silver investment company, consider Goldco. 

Goldco has earned ratings that are truly first class!   

  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau 
  • Rated AAA from Business Consumer Alliance 
  • Earned Over 1000+ 5 Star Customer Ratings 
  • Recognised as 2021 Company of the Year = Steve Awards 
  • Awarded INC 5000 recognition for 5 years 
  • Exceptional customer service

What our Clients Say


Trustpilot,Google & BBB A+


I Did My Due Diligence

I spoke with a few other companies about rolling over my retirement account and felt very uncomfortable. One actually wanted me to hand over all of my money before he explained anything. I did my due diligence and was at ease about calling. After speaking with Goldco I knew I had my money in the right vehicle and buying metals with the right firm.


Reviewed on: Mar 19th, 2022

David E

Professional and Helpful

Goldco has been very professional and helpful with me. When I wanted to roll my annuity in gold I went on line to find a Gold company to help me so I checked with the IRS and they recommended Goldco. I recommend them myself.

Google Review

Reviewed on: Mar 16th, 2022

Robin W

I Feel More Confident

Goldco was great in answering all of my questions in a very professional and caring way. They were prompt in keeping me informed of this process each step of the way. I feel more confident that my finances are more secure than ever before. Thank you for working with me to complete this transaction, for welcoming me into the Goldco family, and for providing great customer service.


Reviewed on: Mar 14th, 2022

Goldco Company Review


  • First-class customer service
  • Step by step guidance from start to finish
  • 15+ years in the precious metals industry 
  • A diverse selection of gold and silver coins, bars, as well as platinum and palladium items.


  • No Online Setup 
  • IRA minimum deposits start at $25,000

3 Steps To A Gold or Silver IRA 

Goldco mission is to make it as simple as possible for you to reap the benefits of owning real gold or silver. We feel that holding physical precious metals is an important component of your complete retirement savings plan.

Our experts will guide you step by step from start to finish. 

Step 1.

Open Your IRA

You can set up a Precious Metals IRA by signing an agreement to protect your purchase and understanding Goldco's business conditions. A company representative will guide you through each stage of the procedure.

Step 2.

Fund Your Self-Directed IRA

You may roll over assets from your existing retirement accounts to fund your Precious IRA. 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings and/or IRA accounts can all be rolled over or transferred, which usually incur no tax liabilities. 

Everything is taken care of by Goldco, so you simply fill out a few forms and leave it all up to them. You'll be ready to start investing in gold after you've funded the account.

Step 3.

Purchase Your Precious Metals

Once the account has been funded, you can decided on the coins and bars to invest in, they'll be delivered to your chosen depository within a few days if Goldco has them in their inventory.

If the firm needs to place an order, it may take up to four weeks for them to arrive at the depository. You may ask your specialist any question.

The entire rollover process is simple and straight forward compared to other precious metals companies.

Goldco Storage Options

Custodian services: You must keep your gold in a third-party depository that the IRS has approved for secure storage. These depositories are secure as long on as they have IRS approval, and you may sleep well knowing your valuables are in reputable vaults. Goldco collaborates with top depositories to guarantee the safety of your valuable metals.

Here are the three storage companies along with the custodian fees.

Delaware Depository, offers non-segregated storage and charges a fee of $100 per year

IDS Texas, offers segregated storage at $150 per year

Brinks Depository, offers non-segregated storage at $100 per year

The most common gold storage facility for investors is the Delaware Depository, which is where Goldco will store your bullion by default. The depository, which was established in 1792 and has class three security vaults, now houses modern cutting-edge security systems.

Your gold is insured while in transit and after it has been obtained. Although there is no record of Goldco or any of the other depositories mentioned here ever losing precious metals, you may feel more at ease knowing that you are protected if something goes wrong..

You can go to the depositories after your gold has arrived and request to see and even handle your stones. As a result, select a depository that is as close to you as possible.

Will Gold and Silver Repeat Their 2008 Performance?

Goldco Gold IRA Approved Coins

You may put many high-quality precious metals in your Gold IRA, but not all gold coins are eligible to be invested in a Gold IRA. A minimum fineness requirement of.995 is required for coins to be eligible for investment through a Gold IRA.

We work with mints all over the world to get high-quality coins that are suitable for a Gold IRA, which is why we'll even BUY BACK your IRA-approved Gold Coins at up to 100% of their value, ensuring you profit.

The following are a selection of the numerous coins we provide to our investors that may be invested in a Gold IRA. learn more about IRA-approved gold coins, or get more information on rollovers, transfers, and other Gold IRA topics.

Gold Maple Leaf 

The 2021 Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin is struck by the Royal Canadian Mint from 1 oz. of .9999 pure gold and was first minted in 1979 to satisfy the burgeoning demand for investment-grade gold bullion coins.

Speak with our specialists

Gold American Eagle - Type 1

The 2021 Gold American Eagle is is struck from 22 karat gold and is the official gold bullion coin of the United States of America.

Gold Australian Striped Marlin

The 2020 Australian Striped Marlin coin is struck by The Perth Mint from ¼ oz of 99.9% gold and issued as legal tender. The marlin is a symbol of tenacity, perseverance and commitment.

Silver IRA Approved Coins

Silver American Bald Eagle

The Silver American Bald Eagle is struck by the Perth Mint from 2 oz. of .9999 pure silver and pays tribute to the proud and majestic bald eagle, America’s national symbol.

Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray

The 2021 Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray is struck by The Perth Mint from 1.5 oz. of 99.99% pure silver.

Silver Australian Striped Marlin

The 2020 Australian Striped Marlin coin is struck by The Perth Mint from 1.5 oz of 99.9% silver and issued as legal tender.

Our Best Features

 0ver a decade of experience helping customers protect their retirement savings

 We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple A by Business Consumer Alliance

 Goldco offers a buy back program guaranteed at the highest price.

 Goldco Specialist can help you diversify those funds with precious metals

Buy Gold & Silver Bars

Gold Bar

Investors who want to invest in gold bullion may choose from a variety of options.

Silver Bar goldco free silver & coins

Investors who want to invest in silver bullion may choose from a variety of options.

A Brief History of Goldco

Curious about Goldco's origins? Allow me to take you back to when it all began. Founded over a decade ago, Trevor Gerszt, the visionary behind Goldco, noticed a significant gap in the market for gold IRA investment services. Many individuals were eager to allocate their retirement savings into physical gold but lacked the knowledge to do so. In response, he embarked on a mission to establish a company that would demystify precious metal investing and make it accessible.

Since then, Goldco has grown into one of the most reputable companies in the industry. Its impact on the gold industry has been significant as it has helped thousands of investors protect their wealth by diversifying into precious metals. But this success did not come without challenges. Over the years, Goldco had to navigate through economic crises and fluctuations in gold prices.

Understanding precious metals investing is crucial if you plan on protecting your wealth against inflation or financial instability. With Goldco's expertise and experience in this field, they can guide you through every step of the process from choosing which precious metals to invest in to setting up a self-directed IRA account. They even offer storage options so you don't have to worry about storing your physical assets yourself.

Now that you know about Goldco's history and impact on the industry as well as historical events affecting gold prices, it's time to delve deeper into understanding precious metals investing with Goldco's help.

Our Goldco Office Address 

Goldco Partnership

From precious metals IRAs to direct purchases of precious metal coins and bars, Goldco is a leader in the sector.

Stew Peters Partnership With Goldco

Stew Peters is an American radio talk show host and bounty hunter. The Stew Peters Show, which airs on weekdays, is his radio program.

Chuck Norris Partnership With Goldco

Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is an American martial artist and actor. He attained a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and judo after serving in the United States Air Force. Norris won many martial arts titles after leaving the military and subsequently established his own style called Chun Kuk Do.

Sean Hannity Partnership With Goldco

Sean Patrick Hannity is an American right-wing political commentator and talk show host, best known as the host of The Sean Hannity Show. He has hosted a commentary program, Hannity, on Fox News since 2009 and a national radio show, The Sean Hannity Show, since 2005.

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Goldco: The Effect Inflation Rate Has on Gold Prices


Who Should Invest With Goldco?

If you already have an investment account and are concerned about inflation or other financial risks, you should invest in gold. Goldco is for individuals who want to rollover or begin investing in a gold IRA.

With Goldco, you may store real gold and silver coins and billions in your own home. You can even go to the depository and handle your gold if you like. With ease, Goldco provides a variety of coins and bars to fit your needs.

A gold IRA can help you protect your retirement savings from market volatility and political instability, among other things. When the value of the dollar drops, the value of gold and other precious metals typically rises.

If you're almost ready to retire and you're concerned about a financial crisis that might jeopardize your strategy, why not buy gold? Precious metals offer the security you desire in a retirement plan. Goldco has a simple platform and reasonable rates to assist you to invest. 

Goldco has a streamlined process from the start of the entire signup process to the end when doing a rollover of funds into your retirement investment portfolio.

Can I Invest In Goldco If Im Not Local 

Regardless of whether you are based in New York, Florida, Washington, California, Texas or anywhere in America, we can help you set up the right kind of account and help you are looking for.

Goldco Services

Goldco's services are comparable to those of other gold IRA providers. The firm, on the other hand, provides one-on-one customer service and assistance. You will receive the greatest precious metals prices while also receiving guidance throughout the process. Here are some of the things you can anticipate from Goldco:

You have the choice of investing in gold, silver, or a mix of both. To assist you to choose the right precious metals for your needs, Equity Trust Company works with Bullion Direct as your custodian.

When purchasing precious metals, such as gold or silver bars and coins, it's critical to be certain they're genuine. The IRS stipulates that investors who buy precious metals on the foreign market use a depository, which is usually an FDIC-insured bank with stringent storage and security standards.

Here are a few of the following gold & silver coins and bars you can invest in:

  • American Eagle
  • American Gold Eagle Proof
  • Buffalo
  • Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  • Lucky Dragon
  • Loyal Mint Gold Lunar coins
  • Assorted gold bars
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Premium coins & IRS-approved coins
  • Numismatic coins
  • Collectible coins
  • physical gold


  • American Gold Eagle
  • American Gold Eagle Proof
  • Silver bars
  • Bald Eagle
  • Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  • Lucky Dragon
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Royal Mint Britannia Lunar Series coins
  • Silver World War I
  • Silver World War II Victory

What kind of company is Goldco? (Reputable & Legitimate)

Goldco is a leading provider of precious metals services, with more than a decade of expertise assisting customers in preserving their retirement funds. Goldco Specialists can assist you in safeguarding your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings account, or other tax-advantaged retirement account.

Goldco can help you with different types of retirement accounts. For better understanding you can speak with one of their expert advisors this is different from a sales rep.

Finally, we also engage in direct sales of gold and silver to our clients. A Goldco Specialist can assist you in diversifying your cash reserves with precious metals if you have a savings account. A Goldco Specialist can guide you through each stage of the simple process from start to end, whether you want to roll over retirement assets into a Precious.

Starting with the decision to start a Gold IRA, and continuing through every aspect of its operation, Pure Distribution offers clients complete peace of mind. A streamlined process with customers' hands held every step of the way.

Goldco complaints

Goldco's objective is excellent customer service and experience. A client may have a different way Goldco should have done business with them, but the overall experience is extremely positive for anybody interested in buying gold or silver from Goldco.

A customer support team is able to help each step of the way help stop any negative reviews since they are able to help when the customer may have a question. 

Resulting in happy customers, positive customer reviews, and satisfied customers.

  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
  • Rated AAA from Business Consumer Alliance
  • Earned Over 1000+ 5 Star Customer Ratings
  • Recognised as 2021 Company of the Year = Steve Awards
  • Awarded INC 5000 recognition for 5 years
  • Triple-A rating

 This makes Goldco Precious Metals a very reputable company when searching for gold investment companies to do business with. 

Goldco Buyback Program

Are you ready to sell your metals?

Goldco will buy them back from you with pleasure. This is excellent news for investors since you'll most likely receive a higher price than you would from a random coin dealer recognized for undervaluing offers. You are not required to sell your precious metals to Goldco, but it will save you time looking around the market.

How To Invest In Goldco & Start Your IRA?

When you come to the conclusion that you require gold or silver, Goldco connects you to a rep who will walk you through the procedure and follow up with you even after your account has been created. The rep will take you to an IRA specialist who can assist you in selecting a Gold IRA that meets your needs.

Since you will need to select the source of funding for your account such as a 401k, 403b, 457b, or even a TSP plan can be used as a source of financing. A conventional IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, or Roth IRA might also be used as a source of finance.

This is where your Goldco rep will guide you on the best decision for your needs and walk you thru the entire process.

Goldco Fees? 

To get a deeper understanding of the costs we recommend contacting Goldco since rates may vary over time. Goldco's fees are quite fair in the gold investment market.

Discover how to use gold and silver to safeguard your retirement funds, expand your wealth, and provide much-needed stability to your investment portfolio.

Investment minimums & fees minimums are something you should ask on the call. 

What is the time period for rolling over a Traditional IRA into a Gold IRA?

The IRS typically takes around two weeks to approve IRA rollovers. Each Goldco application is unique, and processing time varies depending on the situation.

Gold Backed IRA

Goldco will guarantee that you follow IRS rules when purchasing a gold IRA or any other precious metal IRA. You may set up a gold-backed IRA, a silver-backed IRA, or both if desired.

Goldco will assist you in determining which precious metals are appropriate for you to invest in. They may help you buy bras or coins and store them at a depository. Goldco has the Sterling Trust as a storage facility or depository, as well as Equity Institutional, which acts as a custodian.

A self-directed gold IRA allows you to make tax-free gains. You may also invest in actual gold bars or coins through a self-directed gold IRA, which offers you the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA while also allowing you to keep your assets in private hands.

You can also use your retirement money to contribute to a gold IRA. If you have a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, TSP, or another retirement account, you may roll over the assets into a gold IRA and avoid any taxes.

Silver Backed IRA

You may also choose and purchase gold according to IRS criteria with Goldco. The IRS has authorized the Sterling Trust, a silver coin storage facility, for storing gold. Customers will get assistance from Goldco in transporting their precious metals to an approved depository.

The potential for value growth in Silver's industrial development is exciting, and it is expected that Goldco will be able to launch a huge silver bull market shortly so that their investors can profit.

This is why Goldco's silver IRAs are so secure and transparent. Silver IRAs are less expensive than gold IRAs and offer a lot of potentials to expand.

Many of us have been taught that it is more difficult to sell non-IRA Precious Metals than IRA metals, but we are here to tell you that this isn't the case. They can help you choose which metal is best for investment and obtain the lowest price for gold.

Is the Value of the Precious Metals Guaranteed?

No, the value of your valuable metals isn't guaranteed since they may fluctuate dramatically. This is beyond the company's control. However, over time, your precious metals are typically stable, and fluctuations are minor. As a result, you should not be too concerned about a precious metals IRA.

Is the Value of the Precious Metals Guaranteed?

The most popular precious metals IRA is a gold or silver IRA. Other valuable metals IRAs, such as platinum, palladium, and even cryptocurrency, are available. You should know that the rollover procedure is straightforward; all of the paperwork is handled by the firm, and it only takes a phone call.

Learn how you can harness the power of gold and silver to protect your retirement savings, grow your wealth, and add much-needed stability to your investment portfolio.

Some more FAQ

Q: What is Goldco?

A: Goldco is a company specializing in gold and other precious metals IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). They offer services to individuals looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with gold and silver.

Q: Where is Goldco located?

A: Goldco's headquarters are located in Woodland Hills, California, USA.

Q: What types of IRAs does Goldco offer?

A: Goldco offers both gold and silver IRAs. They also offer precious metal investments outside of retirement accounts.

Q: How does Goldco's Gold IRA work?

A: A Gold IRA from Goldco functions much like a traditional IRA, but instead of holding paper assets, it holds physical gold or other precious metals.

Q: What are the benefits of investing in a Goldco Gold IRA?

A: Investing in a Goldco Gold IRA can provide a hedge against inflation and stock market volatility, as well as diversify your portfolio with a tangible asset.

Q: How does Goldco ensure the safety of my investment?

A: Goldco partners with custodians to store your precious metals in secure, insured vaults. They also adhere to IRS guidelines for storage and handling of precious metals.

Q: What fees are associated with a Goldco Gold IRA?

A: The fees vary depending on the account, but may include setup fees, storage fees, and annual maintenance fees. It's best to contact Goldco directly for a full breakdown of their fee structure.

Q: Can I transfer an existing IRA into a Goldco Gold IRA?

A: Yes, Goldco offers a process called a "rollover" that allows you to transfer funds from an existing IRA into a Gold IRA without tax penalties.

Q: Does Goldco offer any educational resources?

A: Absolutely. Goldco has a wealth of educational resources available, including a learning center on their website and knowledgeable representatives ready to answer questions.

Q: Can I take physical possession of my gold in a Goldco Gold IRA?

A: The IRS rules require that the gold in a Gold IRA be stored at an approved depository. You can take possession of the gold when you take a distribution from the IRA.

Q: How do I start investing with Goldco?

A: You can start by contacting Goldco directly or by filling out a form on their website to request a free Gold IRA guide.

Q: What is the minimum investment for a Goldco Gold IRA?

A: The minimum investment for a Goldco Gold IRA varies, so it's best to contact Goldco directly for the most accurate information.

Q: How is Goldco rated by customers and industry professionals?

A: Goldco consistently receives high ratings from customers and is recognized by industry professionals for its excellent customer service and extensive industry knowledge.

Q: What makes Goldco different from other Gold IRA companies?

A: Goldco stands out for its commitment to customer education, its wide variety of precious metal investment options, and its dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals.


We hope you found our Goldco review helpful when looking for precious metal investments company when starting your gold IRA and retirement planning.

Goldco assists investors in making critical decisions, such as what rules apply to precious metals IRA accounts and IRS-approved investment choices. Goldco has a long history of experience with precious metals markets and silver and gold IRA accounts. The degree of customer service that Goldco provides while establishing a precious metals IRA is frequently mentioned by consumers.

Choosing Goldco as your investment firm would be a good decision.