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John Fredericks Radio Network.

He produces the John Fredericks Show.

John Fredericks’s radio talk show reaches millions of Americans every day, but he is much more than that. John Fredericks is a media executive with over 40 years of experience in journalism, publishing newspapers, and hosting TV programs, in addition to his radio talkshow. He covers national news such as politics, economics, and business. In addition to operating radio stations, the Fredericks couple owns several radio stations. Somehow, John is also a White House Correspondent and a CNN contributor.

John Fredericks has a well-earned reputation for tough reporting (they refer to him as “the Godzilla of Truth”). He looks beyond the headlines, investigating the forces that affect the nation. On his shows, he strives to provide a diverse array of viewpoints in a civil, respectful fashion. Some may consider this old-fashioned. We at Birch Gold applaud his attempts to find common ground and move past sound bites into substantial discussions.

He hosts the John Fredericks Show and other radio programs.

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“Our resident economist” is how John Fredericks refers to Phillip Patrick, a senior Precious Metals Specialist with Birch Gold Group, after so many appearances on the John Fredericks Show.

On November 5, 2021, Fredericks interviewed Patrick about the 2022 budget for rebuilding “Build Back Better” and its political implications. Here are some excerpts…

The stock market has reached historically-high levels of overvaluation, second only to the pandemic stimulus spending over the last two years. We already have a 30-year record inflation on that.

Our debt stands at nearly $30 trillion.

No one believes that the United States can repay $30 trillion in debt. That’s just ridiculous. It’s time to put an end to this madness.

However, we cannot default entirely. The consequences would be serious if we did.

What worries me is that the Democrats are setting the country up for a “stealth default.” In other words, they are downplaying these inflation surges and playing them down.

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Imagine This!

Here in the US, inflation is bad for everyone, and Republicans and Democrats agree on this. However, inflation isn’t necessarily bad for the government when it comes to debt. In other words, the after-inflation yield on a 10-year treasury bond is currently $0.31.

Imagine that your mortgage was paid off.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve seen this movie before. Venezuela just eliminated six zeroes from the bolivar. Argentina is experiencing 50% annual inflation. In both cases, massive government spending was responsible for blowups. In the U.S., we’ve tried to revive the economy with constant spending.

You can attempt to burn up your debt using high inflation, but it’s a bit like using a flamethrower to cook a hamburger. It’s difficult to control, and unpredictable, and you may end up burning your house down.

You can find the entire November 5 broadcast right here.

In the November 19th episode, Patrick described the “illusion of prosperity” created by the Federal Reserve in America.

Here’s what it says:

Some of the things they say are just plain ridiculous, but others reflect the reality of the economy at large. Bubbles are popping up everywhere, and people see their account balances and think everything is fine.

Bubbles, like the one we see today, have been created many times in the past. There have been tulip bubbles and bubbles in mortgage-backed securities, among others.

An asset bubble typically begins when investors become infatuated with a stock, mortgage-backed security, or tulip bulb, for example. Prices rise as a result, and more individuals purchase the item as well. This is a self-perpetuating process in which prices rise, causing more individuals to purchase the item.

Prices keep rising as long as more money can be poured into the market.

Very well, John Malone, chairman of Liberty Media, put it:

According to Malone, having too much cheap money can destroy the profitability of any business if it results in excessive competition in capital-intensive businesses. Rivian, a car company that recently went public, has a market value of $130 billion and has yet to build a car, is an example of this.

This is how much Ford’s market cap is: $80 billion. Based on the stats, Ford sells between 150,000 and 200,000 vehicles every month.

No one and I emphasize no one, purchasing Rivian stock today is buying it because they think it will someday be a profitable business. They are purchasing and hoping to resell it in a day or two for a higher price to an even bigger fool…

Here are just a few of Patrick’s appearances. When we asked him about John, he said:

John Fredericks is a person I respect a great deal. He is the one media personality who asks the toughest questions.

It appears that John Fredericks and Birch Gold Group have a relationship of mutual admiration.

John and Anne Fredericks trust us with their physical precious metals investment, and I want you to see why. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

How To Do a Gold IRA Rollovers With Birch Gold Group

People want a substantial investment that is backed by something tangible. An investment that is not an IOU, not a promise to pay, that doesn’t need trust, that is impervious to hacking and inflation is exactly what they desire.

Since 2003, we have been educating Americans about diversifying their retirement savings with physical precious metals. In just one year, 2021, we helped as many people as we did in the first 14 years combined.

According to Phillip Patrick, precious metals specialist and representative for Birch Gold, Birch Gold Group has finished up an exceptional year in 2021. Since 2003, we have educated Americans about diversifying their retirement savings with physical precious metals. We assisted as many people in 2021 as we did in the first 14 years combined. What’s the explanation? That is absolutely exceptional.

During the first quarter of 2020, both gold and silver surged as a result of the Covid epidemic and panic that took hold. Gold reached its all-time high of $2,058, and silver reclaimed a nine-year peak of over $30.

Investors flee risky assets when the economy is uncertain and look for safe haven investments,” said Patrick. “If physical gold and silver aren’t accessible, investors will look for them. In the US Mint’s record sales of gold and silver coins, the Americans were upset. “Fortunately, our existing relations with a wide range of suppliers held up well.” Because of their near-historic price level, the government’s $6 trillion debt-funded stimulus spending has created an insecure economic condition. After the initial pandemic panic, free money and free trading apps caused a frenzy of speculation that drove the stock market.

Americans are in need of an investment that has true worth,” Patrick said. “That is not an IOU, a promise to repay, that doesn’t require trust, that cannot be inflated or hacked, and that will keep its worth against inflation.” In addition to inflation (which is up almost 40% at 7%), the U.S. dollar has lost its standing as a stable asset globally as a result of surging inflation. Real interest rates (which reflect the after-inflation gains and losses in purchasing power) have never been lower.

People are starting to understand what inflation really is, and our education and outreach efforts are paying off, according to Patrick. Inflation is a permanent loss in your purchasing power, month after month, year after year. It’s not like paying a fine or a bill, where it goes away once you pay it. It’s as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hit man, according to former President Reagan. When you have those three things, you can make your own decisions with confidence, according to Patrick.

Throughout the year, Phillip Patrick, the founder of Birch Gold, has been involved in educating people about precious metals. In addition to his regular appearances on The Ben Shapiro Show, Patrick has been a recurring guest on Bannon’s War Room, Graham Allen’s Dear America podcast, The John Fredericks Show, Ringside Politics, and more.

Birch Gold Group is a prominent precious metals supplier operating across the United States, address, 309 Court Avenue, Suite 809, Des Moines, IA 50309. Although the company has been in existence since 2003, it employs a team of knowledgeable precious metal experts and professionals to serve an extensive customer base. The company provides a variety of metals for physical possession and placement in an IRA, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Birch Gold Group is renowned throughout the industry for its outstanding reputation and track record, consistently maintaining top scores and ratings with the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, and numerous review websites, thanks to its strong commitment to helping its customers protect themselves from economic instability.

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